Ted Murguia

After spending much of his career as a Silicon Valley executive, Ted rediscovered his joy and passion for mentoring. It began slowly as he volunteered with one non-profit, then a second; both are dedicated to helping disadvantaged individuals acquire and develop life skills necessary to overcome their obstacles. It has now become a full-time passion helping students and their families navigate the path to college.

Ted develops relationships with his students with the approach that we are all unique mixes of many ingredients which can be changed, enhanced, left out, or featured not only in the college journey, but in our journeys in life.

He views the partnership with each of the students as a joint process to understand those ingredients and turn them into a fulfilling college experience and empowerment for the future.
Ted now lives in Atherton with his wife Anne, and has two daughters well into their college years (Amherst, Barnard, and now Columbia).

He graduated from Stanford as an Industrial Engineer, but never worked a day as an IE, with an emphasis in computer science and eventually ended up at Wharton where he got his MBA and spent his career in Silicon Valley.