Edmund Tran

Edmund is a mentor specializing in mathematics and standardized test preparation for the ACT, SAT, ISEE, and SSAT. He has taught all middle and high school math subjects, up to statistics and AP Calculus BC. With official perfect scores in both the ACT and SAT, Edmund also guides students towards achieving their test prep goals.

Hailing from San Francisco, Edmund attended Lowell High School and went on to study economics, statistics, and computer science at UCLA. Volunteering for a summer camp and the Mentorship Program at UCLA cultivated a love for working with kids. He later earned a master’s degree in education with an option in mathematics and science teaching at CSULA, which included training under a mentor who was awarded LAUSD Teacher of the Year.

Math education is highly interconnected throughout all grades, with each level building upon the previous one. That’s why Edmund uses a very thorough teaching style that emphasizes conceptual mastery. He encourages students to question everything, so that they leave with a deep understanding of concepts and techniques that will serve them far beyond the next exam. Students also tap into his diverse work experience in fields ranging from actuarial science to computer networking and gain an appreciation for the many applications of math.

‍When he isn’t teaching, Edmund enjoys playing poker and board games, listening to hip-hop, and exploring all that the Bay Area has to offer.